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    Auditing services

    Add value to your business with a statutory audit

    Audits can offer invaluable intelligence about the health of a business, acting as an early warning signal for problems. They can find errors in the numbers and give reassurance to shareholders and investors. RJP offers effective and efficient auditing and assurance services for business owners with minimal business disruption to your day to day operations.

    Although auditing is not a statutory requirement for all companies, it can add significant value to a business through a tighter control environment and better financial information. An audit will help build trust with financial stakeholders and gives business owners a much more detailed understanding of business performance. In addition, an annual audit can be a useful exercise if you are thinking of selling your business, helping to reassure potential investors.

    RJP’s approach to auditing is professional and flexible. Working closely with audit clients throughout the year, our team develops a thorough understanding of your business and the industry sector you operate in. After completing the audit, we review and analyse the results, ensuring you have a thorough understanding of your business finances and statutory accounts. During the review process we also advise on practical, cost effective improvements to enhance business efficiency.

    Why are audits important?

    Benefits of non-statutory audits

    For many businesses, although they are not legally obliged to have an audit, they voluntarily choose to have one. This can be a wise strategy because an audit signals to financial stakeholders – banks and credit providers, investors, customers and suppliers – that your business is being well run and compliant. Audits also give the shareholders the reassurance that your figures are accurate and any plans you might have for future expansion have a strong foundation. Why wouldn’t you?

    Rationale for statutory audits

    If you have a legal obligation to undertake a statutory audit your company will benefit from in-depth financial analysis and the confidence that your accounts are as accurate as they could be.

    Why choose our audit & accounts services?

    Led by RJP’s Audit Partner, Simon Paterson, our auditing team are highly efficient and always put the needs of clients first. As soon as you engage us, we will ensure your audit is conducted as quickly as possible, with the minimum disruption to business as usual.

    Why not take the first steps towards running a more financially informed business?


    60 Day Deadline for CGT Returns and Tax Payments

    If you sell a property and incur capital gains tax on the transaction, you will need to file a tax return and also pay any tax that is due within 60 days of completion, or penalties will arise. Need help with your property taxes? Talk to us.