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    Corporation tax services

    Corporation Tax Services and Corporation Tax Advice

    All limited companies registered in the UK with Companies House are required to pay corporation tax on their profits. In some cases, if a company is not UK based but a substantial amount of the entity’s business is conducted, controlled or managed in the UK, they will still be required to submit a corporation tax return and will have corporation tax liabilities.

    Helping you with corporation tax compliance

    RJP offer corporation tax advice to firms in Surrey, South London and beyond. With our support, you can focus on running your core business and achieving future growth aspirations whilst having maximum control and the ability to make informed decisions.

    Our service is both proactive and tailored to your own company – all with the aim of reducing your tax bills for good, whatever the stage of your company’s life cycle.

    RJP will ensure all statutory corporation tax compliance issues are dealt with efficiently and effectively.  At the same time, our Surrey-based tax planning specialists help you to take advantage of all the available tax breaks, reliefs and forward planning ideas relevant to your business. This service is designed to ensure you are aware of potential tax planning opportunities. For example, we are experts at helping companies claim R&D tax relief, which can mean you will completely eliminate the need to pay any corporation tax.

    What to expect if you are a limited company

    Currently, UK rates of corporation tax are historically low and it may be advantageous for a sole trader business or partnership to incorporate their business into a limited company. RJP LLP can advise you on the pros and cons of incorporation and explain your financial and administrative obligations. We can also manage the entire incorporation process on your behalf, including registering your company with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) using its official forms, so it knows the company is chargeable to corporation tax.

    If your company profits mean it is chargeable to corporation tax, we will advise you on what to expect. In preparing your company accounts, we will calculate how much profit your company makes for each accounting period and how much corporation tax is payable on those profits. We will help you submit the relevant tax returns to HMRC together with copies of your accounts in support of the return.

    What RJP’s corporation tax services include

    • Computerised tax returns and computations;
    • Conversion of accounts into iXBRL format for online submission;
    • Tax efficient remuneration planning;
    • Capital allowances reviews: Annual investment allowance (AIA) and enhanced capital allowances (ECA);
    • Raising finance;
    • Succession planning;
    • Company sales and management buyouts;
    • Rewarding employees;
    • EIS registration;
    • Structuring and restructuring of company activities;
    • Research and development tax relief: R&D tax credits.

    60 Day Deadline for CGT Returns and Tax Payments

    If you sell a property and incur capital gains tax on the transaction, you will need to file a tax return and also pay any tax that is due within 60 days of completion, or penalties will arise. Need help with your property taxes? Talk to us.