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    HMRC enquiry?
    Tax enquiries or investigations can be the stuff of
    nightmares. But with the right guidance and support we can make it a much more manageable experience.

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    Great support and expert advice in the event of a tax enquiry or investigation

    Anyone – businesses or individuals – can be subject to a tax enquiry or investigation and as anyone who has been in this position will tell you, it is a very stressful experience. In many instances, the taxpayer involved was unaware of their compliance obligations and also unaware that they have a legal responsibility to ensure they know what the rules are. These days, ignorance is not an acceptable excuse for non-compliance.

    Whatever happens, don’t worry about your HRMC enquiry.

    Be confident you are in safe hands and be assured that we can help make it as stress free and smooth as possible.

    Tax planning vs tax avoidance? Know the difference

    Aside from ever more complex regulations, there’s continued confusion among taxpayers as to what constitutes acceptable tax planning and what constitutes tax avoidance or evasion. Paying the legal minimum by taking advantage of HMRC approved tax relief opportunities and entering into convoluted, artificial arrangements in order to benefit from ‘loop holes’ are two very different matters.

    Tax Enquiry Protection Insurance

    If you wish to protect yourself or your business from the potential costs of a tax enquiry, we can also provide tax enquiry protection insurance. By covering the cost of professional fees, this helps to keep expenditure related to a tax enquiry or investigation to an absolute minimum.

    What are HMRC’s new extended powers?

    If you have entered into aggressive tax avoidance schemes, or have failed to take tax compliance seriously, be aware that HMRC have further increased the volume of their investigations and are taking full advantage of their considerable power to collect as much tax as possible. As a taxpayer, you may be targeted with an enquiry into historical VAT, PAYE, corporation tax and personal tax.

    RJP can provide expert tax enquiry advice and assistance with handling all aspects of a tax enquiry. This includes representing your interests with HMRC and managing all negotiations. In the majority of cases, our support will mean you can avoid a full tax investigation, but in the event your enquiry goes to tribunal, we’ll be there to provide guidance and advice at every stage. We’ll also help you to negotiate the most favourable outcomes possible if a penalty is enforced by HMRC.

    The best way to tell if we’re a good fit for your needs is to see for yourself.


    60 Day Deadline for CGT Returns and Tax Payments

    If you sell a property and incur capital gains tax on the transaction, you will need to file a tax return and also pay any tax that is due within 60 days of completion, or penalties will arise. Need help with your property taxes? Talk to us.